Go Rock Cube

It is really irritating when people treat their mobile phones as entertainment system. Not the ones who listen to music using headphones but that category of people who play it using the dreadful external speakers housed in the phone. The music sounds terrible and trust me, it takes all the charm away from listening to music. If you are bent on making others listen to what you want to, use the Go Rock Cube instead. It definitely tops all other devices on the coolness scale. Continue reading

Go Rock Mobile Speakers

Go Rock Mobile Speakers are exactly what their name suggests- portable, pocket size speakers that are designed to astound. This device is the definitive solution to every music fan that faces the dilemma of sharing their music with friends on a phone with third rate speakers. The first major advantage of the speakers is its size. It is petite, chic and extremely light. This rechargeable stereo speaker set is held together by powerful magnets strategically placed at the base of the units to improve portability. In order to use them, we just need to split them apart, connect the retractable power cable from one speaker to another and plug the input cable (again retractable) into a music player (such as an MP3 player or a phone). Continue reading

Philips Fidelio iPod Docking Station

iPods are by far the bestselling portable media players. This is why we see so many attachments, accessories and docks specifically for iPods. Another one to attach itself to the iPod Fidelio docking speaker — a different type of iPod dock that does not have a number of speakers embedded. Instead this docking station is built on one large speaker driver. The result — it produces really loud resonance. Continue reading

Krator Neso N2-21030 Speakers

As soon as you set eyes on the Krator Neso N2-21030, you are greeted by a mash-up of orange and wood which tries to be contemporary and classic at the same time. Whether you like the looks is a matter of personal choice. Nevertheless we’re more concerned with how this set of speakers performs. Fitted with 2.5-inch drivers in each of its two satellite speakers and a 5.25-inch long throw driver for the sub woofer, coupled with paper wool cones and a 9mm-thick MDF body, the Neso is an intriguing mix of audiophile quality components housed in a solid 2.1 configuration. Slanted speaker units and sound controls located on the satellite speaker rather than behind the sub woofer unit provide further proof that a good deal of thought and effort was exerted on Krator’s part. Continue reading