How To Maintain And Manage Automation Equipment With Minimal Human Intervention

Automation equipment is used by a variety of different businesses, from airports to freight services, as well as catering companies and centres that rely on wind power and energy grids. In many cases, these automated systems will run smoothly, and once established should be able to hit optimum levels on a consistent basis. However, it is important to have a system in place that guards and maintains automated equipment, with the aim of reducing errors, and for ensuring that any problems are dealt with in a swift fashion. Continue reading

HTC Incredible S

If you are looking for a highly fashionable and great looking smart phone, you should consider the HTC Incredible S. It has a full glass front featuring a touch screen, and touch sensitive buttons hidden behind a glass plate at the bottom of the screen. Around the glass front is a rubber covering, which means no plastic casing to get scratched, making your phone look unsightly, as well as added grip. Continue reading

Motorola ATRIX 4G

Motorola’s affair with Android has been tumultuous, and one that’s filled with hits and misses, with refined MOTOBLUR user-interface and top-of-the-line hardware, will Motorola strike gold with the ATRIX? Visually, the ATRIX spots a particularly uninspired black-themed design, one that isn’t likely to stand out amidst flashier and dressed-in-aluminum counterparts. The phone is predominantly plastic, which explains its lightweight 135g body. Nonetheless, the ATRIX feels sturdy and fits comfortably in the hand. Continue reading