Can The iPad Become The Weapon Of Choice For The Modern Entrepreneur

These days, modern entrepreneurs are spending less time in the office than ever before. No longer are you needed to spend all your time in the same location as your workmates. The laptop is your best friend and it allows you to work from home, coffee shops, or even 30,000ft in the air. But with technology always changing there are more and more tools you have available at your disposal. None more so than the outbreak of tablets into the marketplace. Continue reading

Asus Eee Pad Transformer Prime

The next generation revolution in the era of smart gadgets is just ready to come. One of the upcoming tablet PC Asus Eee Pad Transformer Prime is going to bring this revolution due to its amazingly fast hardware. This tablet was recently announced and it will be available till December. The hardware configuration of Transformer Prime is superior to any of the existing tablet. So, it is going to be one of the best tablets around. Continue reading

Lenovo LePad S2010

Recently Lenovo has announced to launch few of the superior smartphones and tablet PC. One of these Lenovo upcoming tablet pc is Lenovo LePad S2010. It is Honeycomb Android based tablet which has got superior hardware configurations and features. Furthermore, its specifications and features are enough to impress anyone and for sure it is going to be one of the famous tablet PCs all across the globe. Continue reading

Huawei MediaPad

If you are looking for a standard and complete tablet pc for you then you may be confused while choosing a standard tablet for you from among the lots of existing tablet pc. Well, you may go with Huawei MediaPad tablet. This tab consists of standard and superior hardware which can suit your needs and standard. Huawei MediaPad was recently launched and it is getting fame because of its specs and features. Continue reading

Why Tablets Will Soon Replace Laptops for Good

When laptops were introduced, they became essential for anyone who needed portable computing. We kept our desktop computers as our main devices, but gradually we replaced our desktop PCs altogether with our laptops. Now, we have an even more portable version of the laptop. Tablet computers are becoming increasingly popular. It’s the never-ending cycle of the advancement of technology. How long before laptops are completely replaced by tablets? Probably not very long. Here are some reasons why tablets will soon be replacing laptops for good. Continue reading

Five awesome Christmas presents

As Christmas approaches we’re all starting to think about what we’d like for Christmas whether it’s an iPad, a Wii or a digital camera. One thing is for certain electronics are always at the top of everyone’s Christmas list and this year will be no different especially with the tablet boom we’re currently experiencing. To help you out here is a list of the top 5 Christmas presents you should be asking for this Christmas. Continue reading