Samsung SH100 Camera

It’s fun to spend time planning a photograph and getting all those set-ups and options tweaked just right. But sometimes – many times, in fact – the luxury to be able to do that just doesn’t exist. Some scenes require fast action, some models won’t sit still and some photographs need to be captured quickly. Samsung understand this idea, and they have built a whole bunch of really fast functionality into their SH100 pocket camera. Now Samsung aren’t necessarily a name one would associate with photography, but their cameras are actually really rather nifty, right across their extensive range. The Samsung SH100 camera takes up position further away from the enthusiast side of things, and closer to the consumer end of the scale. This means that it is easy to use, quick, versatile and devoid of complication. Continue reading

Samsung Q10 Compact Full HD Memory Camera

These days, with all the consolidation of devices that is going on, it is almost a rare sight for people to use specific devices built for certain purposes. Take recording video as an example: you are probably more likely to see someone using a cell phone or even a still image camera to take video than you are to see someone using a ‘dedicated’ video camera. But the old adage of using the right tool for the job still holds true, and arguments can be made that devices created for specific purposes will do a better job than ‘jack-of-all-trades’ gadgets. Continue reading

LG 47LW6510 Cinema 3D Smart TV

These days, buying the right TV can be as tricky as buying the right cellular telephone handset. There are many brands and many models within those brands. But there are certain things you can definitely look out for, depending on your needs. Size, first of all, is an important consideration. The right dimensions for your TV can make all the difference – too small, or too big, and the experience is lessened. Continue reading

How Interchangeable Lenses Reinvent The Way You Shoot Video

The shift from video tape to solid storage was a major milestone in consumer video camera technologies, changing the way users managed their video shoot workflows, enabling them to shoot even more video than before. With the NEX-VG10E, Sony builds on 25 years of Handycam innovation under their belt, and introduces the next big step in consumer video cameras – the first consumer HD camcorder with interchangeable lenses. The NEX-VG10E promises to reinvent the way you shoot, opening up a world of new possibilities not possible with conventional consumer video cameras. Continue reading

LG 42LW6500 42 Inch LED TV

TV sets with 3D capability have not really set the market on fire. The main reason for this is the high cost of die 3D glasses with active shutter technology and the even higher price of the TV sets. Another reason was the paucity of 3D content. Both these issues have been sorted to an extent by LG. The company has just released its new smart TV set, the LG 42LW6500, that will ease the price burden and also add the third dimension to 2D channels. LG is the second in the country after Samsung to adopt technology that changes 2D signal into 3D. Continue reading