Golf Fans! How To Get More From Your Android Device

Android phones are some of the most powerful, most multifunctional, and most technically impressive phones on the market at the moment. Not only do many of these devices have impressive specs that would leave even the iPhone with its head hung in shame, but they also have a much more open operating system that allows developers to create more functional and varied apps than they can on other systems. If you are a lover of golf, then you should take advantage of this by putting your device to better use and enjoying some of the many different games, books and apps available to help improve your game and let you indulge in your hobby. Here are some of the top things you can do with your Android if you like shouting ‘four’ and hitting things really hard… Continue reading

What went wrong with Google’s Nexus Q?

At Google, they simply do not get tired of innovation and creating money-making marketing strategies. If Apple is considered to be the brand that gives the user a superb usage experience, Google is catching up quickly with releasing the first Android powered tablet which was actually made keeping the strengths of the operating system in mind. The new range of Nexus devices, the Nexus 7 tablet, the Nexus Smartphone and the Nexus Q has been met with a mixed wave of reviews. While the tablet and the Smartphone were well received, the Nexus Q failed miserably. Continue reading

Watch your network closely to determine where bottlenecks may occur

When it comes to load testing your website or network, it’s always a good idea to understand what it is exactly that you’re looking to learn before you start, otherwise you won’t really learn much of value. You have to have some kind of ballpark figure about the number of people connecting to your site at any given time, so that you can simulate the levels of traffic that you want to test for. Continue reading

Apple Mac Versus PC

It’s one of those age old debates such as ‘Sega versus Nintendo’ or ‘Marvel Comics versus DC’ and it’s something that has people divided down the middle – and it can get pretty ugly. People who have PCs tend to love their Windows touting devices and view Apple users often with disdain, while the same can also be said of the way Apple users often view PC owners. In fact in some cases this fan-boyism can approach a kind of religious fanaticism and if you have ever borne witness to a forum discussion about which is better then you’ll know this is a subject that can get pretty ugly.

Continue reading

Comparison between Android Tablets and Apple iPad

Most of the people consider either the Apple iPad or Android tablets as their status symbols. They purchase them from the market without looking at the product specifications because they are not much concerned about the technical specifications. People must know the basic differences between Android tablets and the Apple iPad because both are alike in many ways. They seem common due to their roughly similar names but they possess different specs and come from different manufacturers. Continue reading

Samsung Galaxy Tab

As of present, there are countless computers in tablet styles which are currently sold on the market. Of the many brands and styles which are being displayed, advertised, offered, and sold on the market, there is a particular brand which offers you with certain characters that are high definitive which most buyers usually focus on. So what are these things that are most likely being watched over by many gadget enthusiasts out there? Continue reading