Why A Case Is A Good Looking Addition To Your Handheld

You probably really value your music player and your iPhone and really want to make them look as good as they possibly can, so the best way to go about doing that is to purchase some very nice cases for them that you really enjoy, and that way you will like the handheld devices that you have all the more because of the bright, colorful cases that you can now carry them around and display to everyone you know in. Continue reading

T-Mobile G2x (With Google)

T-Mobile G2x with Google is the best T-mobile phone ever to be created thus far. Its elegance is defined by its simplicity and convenience. Other T-Mobile Android phones are popular because of their numerous advantages; but T-mobile G2x has a lot more to offer. The G2x was designed to have a remarkable balance of its power and features. This sleek phone is geared with all that you need.  It has a clean interface, smooth and fast, and has outstanding media features including 1080p HDMI mirroring. T-Mobile G2x with Google consists of alluring top of the line features that you won’t find in other Android phones today. With T-Mobile G2x phone, you can surely stand out from the crowd. Continue reading

Go Rock Cube

It is really irritating when people treat their mobile phones as entertainment system. Not the ones who listen to music using headphones but that category of people who play it using the dreadful external speakers housed in the phone. The music sounds terrible and trust me, it takes all the charm away from listening to music. If you are bent on making others listen to what you want to, use the Go Rock Cube instead. It definitely tops all other devices on the coolness scale. Continue reading

Motorola Droid

droid The good: The Motorola Droid boasts a gorgeous display and the benefits of Android 2.0, including a faster Web browser, Google Maps Navigation app, and better messaging and contact management. It also offers excellent call quality, long talk time, and improved speed over previous Android devices.

The bad: The QWERTY keyboard feels flat and the dialpad control is restricted to the home screen. Music and video capabilities still trail behind the competition. Dual-mode functionality for world-roaming capabilities would have been a nice addition. The Droid does not support Bluetooth voice dialing.

The bottom line: Despite some design issues and a couple of missing features, the Motorola Droid is the most powerful and fastest Google Android device to date. It fully embraces the openness of the Android platform and offers Verizon customers a smartphone that certainly rivals the other touch-screen devices on the market.

[via Cnet]

Jet Set preferred mobile phone wrist watch

Jet Set preferred Mobile Phone Wrist Watch, order it before stock runs out!

Super Cool Gadget is a fully functional sim-unlocked tri-band mobile phone, color touchscreen, built in microphone and speakers, bluetooth, and multimedia functions. This is the latest mobile phone watch to be released, and unlike any others, features a digital camera / video camera built in! Don’t be the one to miss out: order it before stock runs out. What could be better than calling friends from your wristwatch? With any GSM SIM card inserted, this inconspicuous digital watch becomes a fully featured power house of a cellphone, with bluetooth, MP3, camera and personal organiser.