Apple Mac Versus PC

It’s one of those age old debates such as ‘Sega versus Nintendo’ or ‘Marvel Comics versus DC’ and it’s something that has people divided down the middle – and it can get pretty ugly. People who have PCs tend to love their Windows touting devices and view Apple users often with disdain, while the same can also be said of the way Apple users often view PC owners. In fact in some cases this fan-boyism can approach a kind of religious fanaticism and if you have ever borne witness to a forum discussion about which is better then you’ll know this is a subject that can get pretty ugly.

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Samsung Series 9 Notebook

Samsung is one the most leading brand of electronics and computing goods. The products of Samsung are popular all across the globe. Now, Samsung is getting fame in the era of laptops. Samsung has categorized its laptops into different series Samsung Series 9 Notebook are superior laptops by Samsung. These laptops are powered with latest features and hardware. Continue reading