Should You Replace or Repair Your Computer?

All of us are familiar with that situation where our computer starts to slow down and lose its functionality. When we first bought it was no doubt a speedy powerhouse that was capable of running a hundred programs at once and playing the very latest games, but as time has worn on time has taken its toll and you’ve maybe installed a few too many things resulting in a computer that you hardly recognize – that takes twenty minutes to load and that crashes whenever you ask it to run anything more taxing than Minesweeper. Continue reading

Samsung NP305E7A-A01US

In the month of February Samsung has launched a superior laptop that is full filled with latest hardware and features. This Samsung laptop is Samsung NP305E7A-A01US. Now, this Samsung NP305E7A-A01US laptop is getting name and fame all around the globe because of its specs. Furthermore, other similar ranges of laptops of other brands are facing a stiff competition due to this laptop. This Samsung NP305E7A-A01US laptop is a standard 17.3 inches notebook laptop whose specs and features are discussed below. Continue reading

Why Tablets Will Soon Replace Laptops for Good

When laptops were introduced, they became essential for anyone who needed portable computing. We kept our desktop computers as our main devices, but gradually we replaced our desktop PCs altogether with our laptops. Now, we have an even more portable version of the laptop. Tablet computers are becoming increasingly popular. It’s the never-ending cycle of the advancement of technology. How long before laptops are completely replaced by tablets? Probably not very long. Here are some reasons why tablets will soon be replacing laptops for good. Continue reading

Garage Band for iPad 2

Like the full-fledged version available for Apple desktop and laptop computers. Garage Band on the iPad is strikingly simple and easy to use, and while it doesn’t teach you how to play musical instruments, it comes loaded with a variety of options to help you compose those tunes stuck in your head. You can use the built-in instruments like the Keyboard and Drums or even plug in your Guitar to strum and record your tune. If you fancy using samplers, then you can record your voice or any other sound effects via the Audio Recorder function. Continue reading

Asus M60J specs

Intel released the new I7 core processors in September at IDF ant this Asus M60J is one of the first laptops that use it. Asus M60J is one of the top best laptops in the world at the moment, and I think is very hard for anyone to find something that this laptop can’t do. But you’re here for this laptops specs, and here they are. Continue reading