I want to get the new iPhone

When I got my first iPhone, I was surprised by how limited I was on the things I wanted to do. I thought that I would be able to customize it and use apps how I wanted to, but I had to abide by the limitations that Apple had set in place. Since I had used my own money and paid full price for the phone, I didn’t really think that was fair, and that is how I learned about jailbreak. Now that I am going to get the newest phone, I did a search for iOS 8 jailbreak because I wanted to ensure that I would be able to effectively jailbreak it before I got it.

I was able to find a website that had the instructions on how to do this. Continue reading

Four printing apps you should have if you’re always on the go

Your iPhone becomes more and more like a mobile office every single day. Think about everything you can do on your phone these days compared to what it was like a few years ago. You have some smart cookies out there who can almost run their entire business from their iPhone. It means you don’t need to be tied down by anything. You don’t need to be stuck in the office all day when you can easily do something using your phone. But all is not perfect in the Smartphone world. There’s some things that obviously aren’t as easy as they would be on a desktop computer. Continue reading

Three good iPhone apps for finding the best airfare rate

Business travelers are always looking for the best ticket price. With the iPhone, the search has gotten much easier. But aside from Priceline, Expedia, and Orbitz, there are many apps that are better but are less known to the traveling professional. Here are three good iPhone apps for finding the best airfare rate and reasons why these apps are so good, and even better than their more popular counterparts. Continue reading

How To Have Fun Using Your Smartphone Unsmartly

Back when I was younger I wasn’t allowed a Gameboy or a Sega Genesis. I was pretty jealous of all my friends who were though, and at that point I’d probably have given anything to be allowed one. That’s probably why I told my friends that my laptop that could do nothing except word process in black and white was actually a games console, and why I made up a ton of different ways I could use it as though it was. When my friends came round they got to see me ‘race’ my cursor and play word games with myself. Continue reading

Golf Fans! How To Get More From Your Android Device

Android phones are some of the most powerful, most multifunctional, and most technically impressive phones on the market at the moment. Not only do many of these devices have impressive specs that would leave even the iPhone with its head hung in shame, but they also have a much more open operating system that allows developers to create more functional and varied apps than they can on other systems. If you are a lover of golf, then you should take advantage of this by putting your device to better use and enjoying some of the many different games, books and apps available to help improve your game and let you indulge in your hobby. Here are some of the top things you can do with your Android if you like shouting ‘four’ and hitting things really hard… Continue reading

Why A Case Is A Good Looking Addition To Your Handheld

You probably really value your music player and your iPhone and really want to make them look as good as they possibly can, so the best way to go about doing that is to purchase some very nice cases for them that you really enjoy, and that way you will like the handheld devices that you have all the more because of the bright, colorful cases that you can now carry them around and display to everyone you know in. Continue reading