What went wrong with Google’s Nexus Q?

At Google, they simply do not get tired of innovation and creating money-making marketing strategies. If Apple is considered to be the brand that gives the user a superb usage experience, Google is catching up quickly with releasing the first Android powered tablet which was actually made keeping the strengths of the operating system in mind. The new range of Nexus devices, the Nexus 7 tablet, the Nexus Smartphone and the Nexus Q has been met with a mixed wave of reviews. While the tablet and the Smartphone were well received, the Nexus Q failed miserably. Continue reading

My Top Choices for Business Android Apps

Android has widened its horizons in such a genuine manner that there are more than 100,000 Android applications in the market. Smart phone had been considered for business applications and it has never been considered for fun and entertainment. Android OS’s easily accessible properties and comprehensible applications have given a paradigm shift to the basic understanding of the Android usage. However, there are unlimited applications in the Android market but still people find it difficult when it comes to make top choices for business Android apps. Here is a list of preferable applications which can get updated as Android is launching new applications on weekly basis. Continue reading

Comparison between Android Tablets and Apple iPad

Most of the people consider either the Apple iPad or Android tablets as their status symbols. They purchase them from the market without looking at the product specifications because they are not much concerned about the technical specifications. People must know the basic differences between Android tablets and the Apple iPad because both are alike in many ways. They seem common due to their roughly similar names but they possess different specs and come from different manufacturers. Continue reading