How to Update Your Chrysler Navigation DVD System

Updating the Chrysler navigation system is a relatively easy process, and can be done by purchasing a new Navteq Navigation DVD online.  This update process applies to all Chrysler models from 2009 that have the added extra of a factory-installed navigation and entertainment system embedded into the dashboard.  Installing new updates is an essential task should you wish the GPS part of the system to be completely current with any road, highway, and network changes that will have occurred since the driver last upgraded the system or purchase the vehicle. Continue reading

LG E2290 Super LED Monitor

There isn’t much left to say about LG monitors that we haven’t said before. After all, a monitor is a monitor, right? Wait a moment, what’s this? It looks…different. When it comes to monitors, LG can’t exactly be accused of straying off of the beaten path. With the general exception of support pillars – and occasionally controls – you may be challenged to pick one out from another in a line-up. Not that you would ever have to (monitors don’t really mug people) but you get what I am saying. Continue reading

AC Ryan PlayOn! DVR HD

Improving on the former PlayOn! HD, AC Ryan’s latest PlayOn! DVR HD (ACR-PV76120) media player now boasts DVR features and dual DVB-T tuners. No analog tuners are included though. Other snazzy benefits include a much talked about online access to media files and scheduled recording over-the-web. What they don’t tell you is that these functions require some serious tweaks and technical know how to configure your home network, such as port forwarding on your router for instance. Continue reading

Samsung Series 8 55-Inch LED TV

Samsung is serving its best since a last decade. Samsung has developed itself in all the electronic machine and gadgets field. Now, this devolvement has made Samsung as a most leading brand in all over the world. From a small flash drive to big machines, Samsung is well-known for various consumer electronic products. Also, it is ruling in the field of electronic media. Samsung TV’s are world famous because of its latest technology and ultimate features. Samsung 3D LD TV has got the popularity all across the globe in no time. Samsung has categorized its TV in different series on the basis of design, type and construction. Samsung Series 8 contains the latest 3D LED TV. C8000 model number is 55 inches LED 3D HDTV by Samsung. Continue reading