Nokia announces the Android-powered N1 tablet

Nokia may have sold off it’s phone division to Microsoft, but that doesn’t mean it’s dead. In a surprise move, Nokia announced the N1, an Android powered tablet. The surprise launch pits the firm against Microsoft, which completed its takeover of Nokia’s previous mobile-devices business in April. The iPad lookalike will be running on Android’s latest software, the Lollipop, and the device will be produced by Chinese manufacturer Foxconn. Selling for $249, it will be sold first in China by way of a manufacturing and distribution partnership with Foxconn and initially at least will be WiFi-only. Continue reading

Samsung Galaxy S6 with 64-bit chipset, 4GB RAM and 2160p resolution display rumoured

The full HD 1080p display standard was started last year by HTC for the smartphones and accordingly other brands followed this standard. Now there exists ten’s of smartphone that carries full HD display. Now here comes the rumor of Galaxy S6 smartphone which will carry the 2K resolution display. However, Galaxy S5 release date is still awaiting but there would be full HD 1080p display in S5, which would be better in efficiency and color tenderization. Continue reading

Google Nexus 5 with unbeatable price

Google Nexus 5 the most awaiting smartphone of 2013 is going to make its entry on the 30th October 2013 and after knowing its release date the excitement is doubled. On the other side mystery regarding the price of Nexus 5 still continues. The plan of Google is simple, it don’t want to reveal the price before final date because it wants to make Nexus 5 a thread to other manufacturers because of its cheap price. Continue reading

Four printing apps you should have if you’re always on the go

Your iPhone becomes more and more like a mobile office every single day. Think about everything you can do on your phone these days compared to what it was like a few years ago. You have some smart cookies out there who can almost run their entire business from their iPhone. It means you don’t need to be tied down by anything. You don’t need to be stuck in the office all day when you can easily do something using your phone. But all is not perfect in the Smartphone world. There’s some things that obviously aren’t as easy as they would be on a desktop computer. Continue reading