Best of Class: Choosing your tablet device

Tablet devices are truly transformative and game changing gadgets. On the face of it they may seem like essentially ‘big phones that don’t do phonecalls’ (my original and sceptical reaction), but in reality they actually provide you with an incredible piece of technology that gives you instant access to a wealth of different applications or to any information you need and that can be used in an incredible variety of ways. Whether you want to lie it flat on the table so you can play a virtual piano, prop it up with its stand and watch the news, grasp it in one hand to read your favourite comic book, or hold it facing outwards to show your friends your new website design they really do give you a range of applications and functions right in your hand. Continue reading

Will the Samsung Galaxy Note Tab be 4G?

The study of 2012 year for the sales of Samsung smartphone proves that Samsung is growing everyday in the smart devices market. One of the start devices of Samsung of 2012 were Samsung Galaxy S II and Galaxy Note. If we talk about the unique devices then Samsung Galaxy Note has turned the market, before the release of Galaxy Note, experts were expecting a normal sale as it is one of the giant smartphone or also known as the tablet. In short, it is an intermediate between tablets and smartphone so it has born a new series of smart devices known as phablet. Still few people call Galaxy Note as smartphone and mini-tablet but now world is getting introduced to term phablet. Continue reading

Golf Fans! How To Get More From Your Android Device

Android phones are some of the most powerful, most multifunctional, and most technically impressive phones on the market at the moment. Not only do many of these devices have impressive specs that would leave even the iPhone with its head hung in shame, but they also have a much more open operating system that allows developers to create more functional and varied apps than they can on other systems. If you are a lover of golf, then you should take advantage of this by putting your device to better use and enjoying some of the many different games, books and apps available to help improve your game and let you indulge in your hobby. Here are some of the top things you can do with your Android if you like shouting ‘four’ and hitting things really hard… Continue reading

What went wrong with Google’s Nexus Q?

At Google, they simply do not get tired of innovation and creating money-making marketing strategies. If Apple is considered to be the brand that gives the user a superb usage experience, Google is catching up quickly with releasing the first Android powered tablet which was actually made keeping the strengths of the operating system in mind. The new range of Nexus devices, the Nexus 7 tablet, the Nexus Smartphone and the Nexus Q has been met with a mixed wave of reviews. While the tablet and the Smartphone were well received, the Nexus Q failed miserably. Continue reading