Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Specs, Features and Release Date

The next upcoming star smartphones of Samsung has started coming in the light on the web. Here we are talking about Galaxy Note 4. Just a month back, Galaxy Note 3 started its journey and now people have started imagining the next phablet Note 4. The expectations can’t end and Note 4 is getting birth with the expectations of Samsung fans. Recently, Samsung revealed few of the hardware components for its next generation devices. These new components include true octa core 64-bit chipset, 128GB memory modules and ISOCELL camera sensor. These three components can’t make a phone together but these all are essential components that we can see in the upcoming star smartphones and phablet including, Galaxy S5, Galaxy S6 and Galaxy Note 4. Continue reading

Samsung Galaxy S6 with 64-bit chipset, 4GB RAM and 2160p resolution display rumoured

The full HD 1080p display standard was started last year by HTC for the smartphones and accordingly other brands followed this standard. Now there exists ten’s of smartphone that carries full HD display. Now here comes the rumor of Galaxy S6 smartphone which will carry the 2K resolution display. However, Galaxy S5 release date is still awaiting but there would be full HD 1080p display in S5, which would be better in efficiency and color tenderization. Continue reading

Google Nexus 5 with unbeatable price

Google Nexus 5 the most awaiting smartphone of 2013 is going to make its entry on the 30th October 2013 and after knowing its release date the excitement is doubled. On the other side mystery regarding the price of Nexus 5 still continues. The plan of Google is simple, it don’t want to reveal the price before final date because it wants to make Nexus 5 a thread to other manufacturers because of its cheap price. Continue reading

Will the Samsung Galaxy Note Tab be 4G?

The study of 2012 year for the sales of Samsung smartphone proves that Samsung is growing everyday in the smart devices market. One of the start devices of Samsung of 2012 were Samsung Galaxy S II and Galaxy Note. If we talk about the unique devices then Samsung Galaxy Note has turned the market, before the release of Galaxy Note, experts were expecting a normal sale as it is one of the giant smartphone or also known as the tablet. In short, it is an intermediate between tablets and smartphone so it has born a new series of smart devices known as phablet. Still few people call Galaxy Note as smartphone and mini-tablet but now world is getting introduced to term phablet. Continue reading