With satellite television packages, you have to sometimes be careful. A few years ago, I signed up for a package with one company, and their service was terrible. They had outages almost every week. Reaching their customer service by phone was a hassle, and even when you make an appointment for someone to service your line, they take forever to actually come to your home. I’ve had one technician actually cancel their appointment and come back two days later, leaving me without service. The worst part is that I still had to pay for all of the downtime, and couldn’t leave the provider because of a contract. Luckily I found a better provider since then.

While searching around for better satellite television providers, I found one company who had a great reputation. The length of my contract was about to end, so I couldn’t wait to find a replacement. On the last day of my service, I placed a call to my provider to have them remove their service from my house. Of course it took a long time to actually talk to someone, but it was worth the wait. A technician came to my home the next day and took back my boxes, remote, and my dish.

I then called the new company that I found and asked them to install their service for me. They agreed to come over the same day. In less than 30 minutes of calling, the technician came and gave me a new dish and boxes. In all my years of using satellite, I had never seen a technician fulfill an order in less than half an hour. The local delivery companies around here can take some lessons from him. I’ve never had the service fail with my new company, and I haven’t needed to call customer service either.

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