Saving Money on Major Appliances by Choosing to Repair Rather Than Replace

Our refrigerator was warm in one spot. We noticed that the food was not as cold as in other parts of the refrigerator. It was a drawer inside the main refrigerator. I thought we might be imagining it, so I took a reading with a thermometer. It was warmer than the rest of the fridge. The drawer did not have a setting to adjust the temperature. I found an appliance repair website at I called to have someone come out and look at our fridge. It was out of warranty.

We paid a lot of money for this big refrigerator. We could not afford to buy a new one at the moment. The appliance repair technician found the problem right away. Continue reading

What Happens when It is Mom Who Wants the Cool Electronics for the Holidays?

My mom has lived alone in a senior center since dad passed away a few years ago. We have never been wealthy and make do with what we have. We got mom a smartphone last year, and spent many hours teaching her how to do pictures, texting, social media and other things. She is very adept now and wants a computer. So, we are looking at the top Cyber Monday laptop deals 2015 has to offer to get her a good one. Mom is getting into photography. She has been taking classes in photo editing at the local library.

I gave her an old DSLR I had. It was a gift to me from my boss many holidays ago. It still works very well, and is an older pro level camera. Mom is taking excellent pictures, but she can only edit at the library. She cannot afford a new laptop on her income, so we are really hoping the Cyber Monday deals will let us get her a good one. Her next step is video and video editing. I know she will need a performance CPU, plenty of RAM and discreet graphics on the laptop to edit video. Continue reading

Best Pay As You Go Phone Plans

I had a pretty rough day today, but I guess it is not as rough as it could have been. I am sure there are a lot of people all over the world that had much worse days than the one that I just experienced. But still, it was not pleasant. One thing is good though is that today is the last day of my contract with my current phone service provider, and i want to check out a pay as you go SIM as a replacement for the phone provider that I was using before today.

One thing is very sure, and that is that I am not going to be signing another contract with the provider that I used before, but even saying that, I am not even sure if I want to get a phone plan that even resembles the contract that I was under before. One important thing is that I would like to have a phone plan that is much cheaper than what I was paying before, because it actually ended up being a bit of a burden to pay my phone bill every month, and I am not sure that the benefits were much beyond what I could have gotten from a much cheaper plan, which did not involve any sort of contract.

I think that a pay as you go plan would be the best thing for me to get for my next phone service, but I need to learn more about what is available. I am going to try to do this fast, because at the moment, I do not have any phone service, and I do talk to people on a fairly regular basis, so it would be bad for me to not have any sort of phone servcie for any sort of extended point of time, and I am going try to avoid that.

From Contract Hell to Satellite Heaven

With satellite television packages, you have to sometimes be careful. A few years ago, I signed up for a package with one company, and their service was terrible. They had outages almost every week. Reaching their customer service by phone was a hassle, and even when you make an appointment for someone to service your line, they take forever to actually come to your home. I’ve had one technician actually cancel their appointment and come back two days later, leaving me without service. The worst part is that I still had to pay for all of the downtime, and couldn’t leave the provider because of a contract. Luckily I found a better provider since then.

While searching around for better satellite television providers, I found one company who had a great reputation. The length of my contract was about to end, so I couldn’t wait to find a replacement. On the last day of my service, I placed a call to my provider to have them remove their service from my house. Of course it took a long time to actually talk to someone, but it was worth the wait. A technician came to my home the next day and took back my boxes, remote, and my dish.

I then called the new company that I found and asked them to install their service for me. They agreed to come over the same day. In less than 30 minutes of calling, the technician came and gave me a new dish and boxes. In all my years of using satellite, I had never seen a technician fulfill an order in less than half an hour. The local delivery companies around here can take some lessons from him. I’ve never had the service fail with my new company, and I haven’t needed to call customer service either.

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I want to get the new iPhone

When I got my first iPhone, I was surprised by how limited I was on the things I wanted to do. I thought that I would be able to customize it and use apps how I wanted to, but I had to abide by the limitations that Apple had set in place. Since I had used my own money and paid full price for the phone, I didn’t really think that was fair, and that is how I learned about jailbreak. Now that I am going to get the newest phone, I did a search for iOS 8 jailbreak because I wanted to ensure that I would be able to effectively jailbreak it before I got it.

I was able to find a website that had the instructions on how to do this. Continue reading