LCD television buying guide

Buying a new TV is one of those tasks that are exciting yet dreadful at the same time. In the midst of balancing what you need with what the marketplace has to offer, you have to battle salespeople trying to up their commission and your bottom line. The best way to protect yourself and make the right purchase is to know the language and accurately assess your needs. LCD TVs are all the rage, but what are they? LCD is an acronym for Liquid Crystal Diode. Sounds like superiorly-advanced technology, but this type of screen is used in tons of commonplace electronics. Digital screens on calculators, microwaves, bathroom scales and car dashboards all use LCD technology to give you the information you’re looking for, except maybe that bathroom scale. Continue reading

The top gadgets and products to make your business more energy efficient

Energy efficiency is incredibly important for all of us and this is something that we all should be doing our best to adhere to. If you aren’t saving as much energy as possible then you will damage your company’s reputation and drive away customers who would rather use the companies with more of a conscious. More to the point though, if you are wasting energy then you are wasting money and you can expect to spend more on your energy bills and thus have higher overheads and less profit and probably have to ask less competitive prices for your products and services. Continue reading