Three cool health gadgets to keep you fighting fit

Health can often be a boring subject, so there is nothing like a fancy gadget to make the topic a little more interesting. In this new era of technology having its place in almost every area of our lives, it is not surprising that tech companies have released new and exciting ways to keep you and your family fighting fit. Check out these cool health gadgets that will help you to keep nice and healthy. Continue reading

Four high quality iPhone printing apps

Most people today have smartphones such as the iPhone. This means that things such as taking photos has become much easier, since most of these have advanced cameras that can allow one to come up with high quality photos. In the past, the only way to print these would be to save them to your computer and then print them from there. However, with the advent of wireless printers, it has become much easier to do this, as you can simply bypass the printer. To print directly from your phone, however, you would need to use an application. Continue reading

Four golf gadgets that will turn you into a weekend professional

When some people think of golf they picture a few older gentlemen enjoying their retirement. A nice way to spend a few hours during the day catching up with friends. Everyone who plays golf knows different. It’s not the same as it was 20 years ago. Technology has improved so much and now you can buy any gadget imaginable. Not only is it a fun game to play, but you also get to waste all your money on the coolest gadgets in the world. Continue reading

Five kitchen gadgets every camper needs to take along on their next trip

Some of us tend to skip the trips abroad and instead head off into the wilderness to live in nature for a week. There’s something amazing about pitching a tent and sleeping in the woods with nobody else around you for miles. It’s times like these you really feel free. Of course we’re not totally free from the world we live in. The car usually gets packed with loads of gadgets which make our trip easier. Continue reading

Smarter parking technology means less traffic for you

If you have ever driven a car then you know just how tough traffic can be. It is especially bad when you have people trying to find parking as others are trying to get past. For quite a long time now, we have wondered why someone wasn’t doing something about parking to make it easier for everyone. We have good news for all of you drivers out there, because there are new technologies that are going to make finding parking easier than ever. This means you can spend less time on the road and more time getting the things done that you need to during the day. You’ll also have far less people honking at you as you try to locate that perfect parking space. Continue reading

Will the Samsung Galaxy Note Tab be 4G?

The study of 2012 year for the sales of Samsung smartphone proves that Samsung is growing everyday in the smart devices market. One of the start devices of Samsung of 2012 were Samsung Galaxy S II and Galaxy Note. If we talk about the unique devices then Samsung Galaxy Note has turned the market, before the release of Galaxy Note, experts were expecting a normal sale as it is one of the giant smartphone or also known as the tablet. In short, it is an intermediate between tablets and smartphone so it has born a new series of smart devices known as phablet. Still few people call Galaxy Note as smartphone and mini-tablet but now world is getting introduced to term phablet. Continue reading