Samsung SH100 Camera

It’s fun to spend time planning a photograph and getting all those set-ups and options tweaked just right. But sometimes – many times, in fact – the luxury to be able to do that just doesn’t exist. Some scenes require fast action, some models won’t sit still and some photographs need to be captured quickly. Samsung understand this idea, and they have built a whole bunch of really fast functionality into their SH100 pocket camera. Now Samsung aren’t necessarily a name one would associate with photography, but their cameras are actually really rather nifty, right across their extensive range. The Samsung SH100 camera takes up position further away from the enthusiast side of things, and closer to the consumer end of the scale. This means that it is easy to use, quick, versatile and devoid of complication. Continue reading

Motorola XOOM 2

Already there exists number of tablets in the market and also a number of tablet PCs is going to hit the market in the month of November and December. Few leading brands have announced few of the upcoming tablets. Motorola XOOM 2 is one of them. This tablet PC is configured with very latest hardware as well as features which can impress anyone. Continue reading

Samsung NX11

Though it is nearly as small as the Panasonic G3, Samsung’s compact system NX11, graced with a 14.6-megapixel sensor, looks more like a traditional digital SLR. Like a SLR it’s easy to tinker with the manual settings. Samsung’s novel i-Function lenses mean you can press the i-Function button on the kit lens and use the focus ring to adjust sensitivity, white balance, aperture, shutter speed and exposure compensation. Continue reading

Sony Alpha A55

The Sony Alpha A55 sits in the middle ground between SLRs, such as the 600D and D5100, and compact system cameras, like the G3 and NX11. It is a single-lens translucent (SLT) camera, with a mirror mechanism that enables rapid autofocus at least in theory. The Alpha A55 also has the fastest maximum continuous shooting speed of the five cameras on test, at 10fps. That is a figure only matched by professional sports photographers’ kit. It requires skill and luck to achieve pro-quality results though, as the viewfinder can’t keep up with the images, leaving you shooting blind. Continue reading