Why Tablets Will Soon Replace Laptops for Good

When laptops were introduced, they became essential for anyone who needed portable computing. We kept our desktop computers as our main devices, but gradually we replaced our desktop PCs altogether with our laptops. Now, we have an even more portable version of the laptop. Tablet computers are becoming increasingly popular. It’s the never-ending cycle of the advancement of technology. How long before laptops are completely replaced by tablets? Probably not very long. Here are some reasons why tablets will soon be replacing laptops for good. Continue reading

Epson Stylus Office B42WD Printer

A good printer is necessary in many situations. Whether you’re in an office environment, or you want to run off some photo prints at home, having a great printer can make all the difference. These days, though, the term “good printer” implies a device that does virtually everything but make you a cup of coffee, served with freshly baked croissants. Those multifunctional devices don’t work for everyone, though… sometimes you need your printer to be a printer, and scanning, copying, faxing and all those other functions are redundant. Continue reading

Logitech G330 Gaming Headset

Any gamer will tell you that a good set of headphones is more than just a convenience… it is a necessity. Whether to keep gaming into the wee hours without keeping the household awake, or simply just to ensure immersive sound, headphones serve a variety of useful purposes. Logitech offer a variety of options for gamers who want to keep their sound personal, ranging from really small units through too massive wireless multi-input headphones. Somewhere in the middle you will find the Logitech G330 Gaming Headset, a relatively small set of headphones that are none the-less-huge on sound. Continue reading

Canon Powershot SX230 HS

The 200 series of Canon’s Powershot cameras has always impressed. The latest in the series is the Powershot SX230 HS. The looks of this camera have been worked upon but not so much that it does not conform to the 200 family tree. The camera has be¬come slimmer, but the pop-out flash is still in the original placing near the left index finger which makes holding the camera a bit awkward. Thankfully you can tuck it back in and turn off the flash from the settings. Continue reading

Five awesome Christmas presents

As Christmas approaches we’re all starting to think about what we’d like for Christmas whether it’s an iPad, a Wii or a digital camera. One thing is for certain electronics are always at the top of everyone’s Christmas list and this year will be no different especially with the tablet boom we’re currently experiencing. To help you out here is a list of the top 5 Christmas presents you should be asking for this Christmas. Continue reading