Innovation of Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet

It is one of the little thing that can provide you protection on the way and now even motorcycle helmet proven that they can adapt to the modern world whatever it may offer. This time we know that Bluetooth is added in a whole new dimension in the world of media and communication as well, and it doesn’t stop in your home, offices or car because Bluetooth motorcycle helmet is already here-emerged as a handy tool for motorists and allow communication without a wire. You can talk to your colleagues while riding, listen to different music while traveling on the road, you can access to your phone, GPS and MP3 and other paired devices which can be compatible to your Bluetooth helmet. Having this great motorcycle helmet gives you comfortable and incentive to stay tight on your bike because this is really a new feature in line with motorcycle helmet products. Continue reading

LG Optimus 2X

There’s been a lot of talk about smartphones sporting the next generation of technologies such as faster dual-core processors which promise even better multimedia performance. The LG Optimus 2X is one such device, being one of the first of many powered by NVlDIA’s dual-core Tegra 2 processor. Unsurprisingly, the large 4-inch LCD touchscreen takes up most of the real estate up front, alongside four capacitive touch buttons at the bottom. Its unobtrusive design keeps the phone accessible. For example, ports are neatly lined along the top and bottom, while the volume controls are on the right, all of which fit very nicely into its streamlined design. Despite the large screen size, the 2X fits rather comfortably in our palms, with a sturdy feel that shows LG paid attention to build quality and construction. The few physical keys and buttons on the 2X were responsive and nicely spaced out. Continue reading

HEC UA100A Universal Notebook Adapter

I think we all agree that it is quite refreshing to find a new piece of technology that is not just a modified version of an old one. This device is just that uplifting change. The HEC UA100A Universal Notebook Adapter is essentially a charger which is compatible with any of the world’s foremost laptops. The first thing that comes to mind is why would anyone need such an item? After all, a laptop always comes with its own charger. What the public fail to realize is the immense potential of this device. Continue reading

Go Rock Mobile Speakers

Go Rock Mobile Speakers are exactly what their name suggests- portable, pocket size speakers that are designed to astound. This device is the definitive solution to every music fan that faces the dilemma of sharing their music with friends on a phone with third rate speakers. The first major advantage of the speakers is its size. It is petite, chic and extremely light. This rechargeable stereo speaker set is held together by powerful magnets strategically placed at the base of the units to improve portability. In order to use them, we just need to split them apart, connect the retractable power cable from one speaker to another and plug the input cable (again retractable) into a music player (such as an MP3 player or a phone). Continue reading

How Interchangeable Lenses Reinvent The Way You Shoot Video

The shift from video tape to solid storage was a major milestone in consumer video camera technologies, changing the way users managed their video shoot workflows, enabling them to shoot even more video than before. With the NEX-VG10E, Sony builds on 25 years of Handycam innovation under their belt, and introduces the next big step in consumer video cameras – the first consumer HD camcorder with interchangeable lenses. The NEX-VG10E promises to reinvent the way you shoot, opening up a world of new possibilities not possible with conventional consumer video cameras. Continue reading