Samsung Galaxy Tab

As of present, there are countless computers in tablet styles which are currently sold on the market. Of the many brands and styles which are being displayed, advertised, offered, and sold on the market, there is a particular brand which offers you with certain characters that are high definitive which most buyers usually focus on. So what are these things that are most likely being watched over by many gadget enthusiasts out there? Continue reading

Home Wi-Fi 101

Some of us are happy with a simple and secured Wi-Fi setup. However, did you know there are steps you can take to improve your wireless network performance? If you are suffering in silence from dropped signals or happen to be living with wireless dead spots in your cosy pad, here are seven easy tips to get better Wi-Fi in your home! Continue reading

Garage Band for iPad 2

Like the full-fledged version available for Apple desktop and laptop computers. Garage Band on the iPad is strikingly simple and easy to use, and while it doesn’t teach you how to play musical instruments, it comes loaded with a variety of options to help you compose those tunes stuck in your head. You can use the built-in instruments like the Keyboard and Drums or even plug in your Guitar to strum and record your tune. If you fancy using samplers, then you can record your voice or any other sound effects via the Audio Recorder function. Continue reading

Canon EOS 7D DLSR Camera

When it comes to creating top notch devices offering a hard-hitting competition, Canon is definitely one of industry’s front-runners. The Canon EOS 7D DLSR simply reinforces this belief. It comes with a completely novel design and facilities to meet the demands of the photographers and assures that those who use it won’t be disappointed. Continue reading

Logitech F540 Wireless Headset

Why do we need headphones? Noisy environment (especially children) and you want to escape into the world of night-gaming. Either you go silent or simply put on a pair of headphones. This is true provided you don’t have a sophisticated segregated gaming room where the surrounding sound would not affect you and you don’t disturb others. However, picking the right headphones is no easy job either, particularly in the case of console gaming. Continue reading

Nikon 1 V1

Nikon is considered as one the best manufacturing brands of digital photography products such as digital cameras. This brand has wide range of digital cameras which are available all across the globe and Nikon has categorized its camera in different series. Nikon 1 is one of the most famous series by Nikon. This series contains world class cameras. Recently, Nikon has added one more amazing camera to this series. This camera is Nikon 1 V1. Continue reading