Five Weird, Wacky and Wonderful Pet Gadgets

Pets can be extremely pampered members of the family. Pet supply manufactures know this deep in their bones and cater to pet lovers every day of the week—and sometimes twice on Sunday with a one-day sale! Alas, some pets are treated better than…. Well, never mind. We won’t go there. We will go on with listing some really wacky, weird and wonderful pet gadgets. Some might make you sigh and smile wistfully. Some will ‘wow’ you with amazement, and some just might make you shake your head in complete bafflement. Continue reading

Nikon Coolpix P7000: The Camera Your Compact Wishes It Could Be

The line between amateur and enthusiast photography have blurred in recent times with the prominence of entry-level DSLRs making everything from advanced camera systems to accessories more affordable. It is no longer uncommon to find the casual hobbyist sporting the same setup as a serious enthusiast. Still, there is one segment in digital photography that is uniquely identifiable between casual and professional, and this is interestingly in the compact market. The Nikon Coolpix P7000 is the perfect example of an ideal professional compact, delivering all the advantages and mobility of a pocket camera, while promising advanced optics, manual controls and customizability that every enthusiast demands. Continue reading

Samsung Series 8 55-Inch LED TV

Samsung is serving its best since a last decade. Samsung has developed itself in all the electronic machine and gadgets field. Now, this devolvement has made Samsung as a most leading brand in all over the world. From a small flash drive to big machines, Samsung is well-known for various consumer electronic products. Also, it is ruling in the field of electronic media. Samsung TV’s are world famous because of its latest technology and ultimate features. Samsung 3D LD TV has got the popularity all across the globe in no time. Samsung has categorized its TV in different series on the basis of design, type and construction. Samsung Series 8 contains the latest 3D LED TV. C8000 model number is 55 inches LED 3D HDTV by Samsung. Continue reading

Fuji Xerox Docuprint CM205B

When Fuji Xerox released its new consumer line of printers with S-LED technology — their fresh take on LED printing –the printers came with refreshingly modern product designs that emphasized minimalism, with a uniform identity across the various models. The Fuji Xerox CM205D is a sterling example of this identity. Unlike competing printers with harsh angular edges, the CM205D has soft pleasingly rounded corners. And the aesthetic is subtly but powerfully finished with a cut wave in the middle of the front of the CM205, which underlines the Fuji Xerox logo and accentuates the design with a fine flourish. Continue reading