Sansa Fuze SanDisk review

Sansa Fuze is actually the main opponent of iPod Nano. Having a quite good design (although the keyboard is almost identical as iPod’s) this little gadget is pretty cool. But enough with the iPod.  So, Sanza Fuze is an mp3/mp4 player with a rotating dial with 4 buttons that you can use to surf your songs. The display is large enough to play videos at a good quality, having a resolution of 220 x 176. Also, the sound quality is quite good (if good actually means good on a small mp3 player). Continue reading

Asus M60J specs

Intel released the new I7 core processors in September at IDF ant this Asus M60J is one of the first laptops that use it. Asus M60J is one of the top best laptops in the world at the moment, and I think is very hard for anyone to find something that this laptop can’t do. But you’re here for this laptops specs, and here they are. Continue reading

Nokia N97 mini

Nokia, one of the top leaders in phone industry just improved their N series of high quality and performance mobile phones with this beauty: Nokia N97. At the first view of this phone you may realize that is a business one, but the new Mini version made it loved by the whole public. Reducing it’s size and weight to 113 x 52.5 x 14.2 and 138g they made this phone lot better for anyone. Continue reading