Samsung SGH-A877 Impression recently started to build high performance phones with screen touch. ThisĀ  Samsung SGH-A877 Impression has a perfect screen touch technology and a nice keyboard. The excelent display is everything to this cell phone, and maybe that’s the reason all people want to see it at the tech shows.

Samsung SGH-A877 Impression was called The Best Phone at the CTIA by Cnet. This phone isn’t perfect, but is very good. Why isn’t perfect ? Well, Samsung didn’t managed to add a flash to it’s camera, so you will take photos only on day. Also, battery life is very short. let’s talk about the good ones. This is a Quad Band phone with 3G technology and wireless internet connection. The design and it’s features tell us that this is a business phone. Why ? Well, I’m pretty sure there are not so much phones with an 2000 contacts phone book, and every contact has birthdate, e-mail adress, street adress and one or several phone numbers. Also, you can group each contact in a groupt and add some photos too.

When comes to messaging, this phone is a master. But it dissapointed us with the e-mails. The AT&T Mobile offers AOL, Gmail, Yahoo! e-mail, but this phone doesn’t have acces to IMAP4 accounts.

Well, good or bad, this is a quality business phone. The price starts at $399, but you can be sure this phone won’t let you down.

Asus W90Vp-X1 – Gaming Laptop those who say that laptops can’t go for games, well you better check out the new Asus W90Vp-X1. If you’re looking for some nice looking gadget, then just close the window now, because the giant Asus laptop doesn’t have any fashion “skills”.

So, let’s get to the point. For $ 2,200 you get a Intel Core 2 Duo processor, not smaller than 2.8 GHz. Still not convinced ? Ok, what about 6 GB of DDR 2 memory, and a 320 GB hard drive ? Worried about video ? Well don’t think about it. You will be able to play the hot new game, GTA IV, because this amazing laptop has a 512MB ATI HD4870 video drive.

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Sony NWZ-W202 Sony just had an incredible idea, to make a pair of headphones with a MP3 player, all in one ! This gadget is very easy to use, and it has an unique and cool way to browse your favorite songs.

Sony NWZ-W202 is a great alternative to listen music for active people, who just want something slim and easy to work with. Making an MP3 player incorporated into a simple headphone device is the best idea that somebody could have. Even if Sony didn’t bother to add much features to this gadget, the 2 GB MP3 player is a unique tool that will make people say “WOW !”.

If you want some new technology, well you won’t find them here. For the $ 69 price of this gadget, which is very low, it won’t give you any Bluetooth or FR.

You will fall in love with this gadget only if you will test it hard. Try jogging, jumping or walking and it will be at his place anytime. There is no screen because was designed to be something very easy and small. The music plays straight in alphanumeric order, or you can activate the shuffle switch if you want custom playback. This little tool plays MP3, WMA and AAC (but only this !).

It’s lovely design and performance make this gadget one of the best MP3 players launched by Sony. Try it, is great !

Dell Adamo Adamo is the newest laptop released by Dell, which is one of the best laptops this year. Dell is a company used to sell thousands of produtcs, but this laptop won’t be seen so much, because the starting price is $1,999. Because we are in the middle of economic crisis, I’m pretty sure that this lovely gadget will have very low number of buyers.

But let’s get to the point. The 1.2 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor makes this laptop a very strong tool. Add 2 GB RAM memory and a 13.4 ” display, and you’ll get one of the best laptops in the world. But this is only the cheapest. If you want a real UFO, just get the 4 GB RAM (this is recommended if you want to run vista) and some extra GHz to the processor, but the price might rise up to $ 2,700.

Dell promotes this laptop as a luxury tool, but this might not help the company, considering the economic crisis. The Adamo laptop is available in 2 colors, white (pearl) and the black onyx.

Even if is very expensive, Dell Adamo is one of the best laptops, and a real luxury tool.

Novague – Move Your Energy Move Your Energy is a new rocking chair designed by Novague, that has a reading lamp incorporated.The lamp is run by dynamo which changes the mechanic energy obtained by rocking to electric energy. So, you produce your own energy. The lamp works because of a simple kinematic arrangement, placed beneath the seat. When you rock, you produce energy, which is either consumed by the lamp, either placed in small batteries.

The main advantage of this gadget is that it saves very much energy. You ged just as much as you need, and nothing more. This project has lots of chances to be loved by public, because the user won’t consume more energy than he needs. And, all the energy is made by him.

Nice gadget, enviroment friendly.

Funny USB Flash Memories

funny usb flashThe USB flash memories became one of the most used products in the gadget world. One of two years ago, engineers thought that nothing can brake the compact disk worls, specially after the release of Blue-Ray technology.

What made those USB flash memories so good ? Well, they have big memory, you can place any kind of file, and the most important thing, you can erase it when you want.

Now, designers are looking forward to increase their popularity making them very strange and funny. robot-usb-flash-drive-launches-0.jpg image by maina231